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We Are In Beta Podcast

Apr 8, 2021

During Lucy’s first maternity leave, she felt alienated from her profession. People would tell her that she would lose interest in working full time but she didn’t. In her second MAT leave, she was determined not to be on the outside looking.

While attending an event put on by the MPTP project, for the first time she became aware that she could go on school visits during her MAT leave. Over the next couple of months, Lucy goes on several school walk-throughs with her young child Roland. She learned a lot about how to make this happen and the benefits of visiting schools during her MAT leave. Frances Ashton is the Assistant Headteacher of Dicot Girls School, which is one of the schools Lucy listed. Frances tells us how to prepare for a school with a teacher on MAT leave.

BIG Thank you to Lucy and Frances for sharing their story. This is the tweet Lucy sent to get this all started. Plus, her blog about this story on WAIB.


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