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We Are In Beta Podcast

Aug 11, 2019

In this episode, Jeremy Hannay, Headteacher of Three Bridges Primary School in west London, shares his thoughts on

  • How a trip to see the London 2012 Olympics gave him his life’s mission
  • The best bits of the UK and Canadian education systems
  • How teacher recruitment and retention crisie could become a thing of the past in every school
  • The false dichotomy between high performance and happiness that exists in schools
  • What performance management has been replaced with at Three Bridges
  • How they have fostered the autonomy and trust that has been key to the success at the school
  • The curriculum programmes they run and how they have adapted them to suit their context
  • The importance of ‘building cathedrals’ rather than ‘cutting stone’.
  • How co-construction can make accountability redundant
  • The biggest challenges Three Bridge has had to overcome and what still stands in their way
  • The conflict interests he sees between Ofsted’s two main functions and how that compares to the Canadian system
  • How they have designed their programs of professional development
  • The multi academy trusts he holds in the highest regard
  • The book that has given him his mission and what that mission is
  • How Three Bridges is supporting other schools
  • The national and international trips he has made to find best practice
  • How he uses the phrase “Teach me everything” along with Twitter to meet the needs of his school
  • How he’s using external support to help his team drill down into their own strengths and weaknesses
  • The question he wants every headteacher to ask themselves and why
  • What he thinks the future of education will look like and why he is optimistic about it

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