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We Are In Beta Podcast

Jun 2, 2019

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In this episode of the We Are In Beta Podcast, Hannah Wilson, Executive Headteacher, Aureus Primary and Secondary Schools, Oxfordshire shares her thoughts on:

  • How she got into teaching
  • The time when could’ve left teaching for good and the time when she left a school without a role to go to next
  • The skills she’s learned that she never knew she’d need as a head
  • What the NPQs don’t teach that she learned when winning her local community over
  • How the values at Aureus have driven the design of their curriculum
  • The award they’ve been working towards that’s given them strategic vision on mental health
  • Why so many qualified teachers are not in the classroom anymore and how she’s tempting them back in
  • How she has recruited 2 years into the future without spending any money
  • How she manages to fund a very healthy CPD budget through both saving and generating income
  • The organisations she partners with to keep her team’s skills up to date in behaviour, values, literacy, leadership, and coaching.
  • How she generated a significant £64,000 of income through a number of different streams
  • Why SEND funding isn't fair and how to improve the situation
  • Why negativity about Ofsted doesn’t really bother her and why she’s looking forward to Aureus’ first inspection
  • How the off-rolling debate has made her question her previous experiences working in turnaround schools
  • The huge personal impact excluding students has had on her
  • The one question she would ask every headteacher is she could
  • Why she is optimistic about the future of education
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