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We Are In Beta Podcast

Nov 10, 2019

Having felt the pressure between parenthood and being a senior leader, when Sue Plant had the opportunity to become the Head of School of a brand new school, she was going to make sure her staff didn’t face the same challenges she faced. At John Taylor Free School, Sue tells us how she set out to make her school flexible working-friendly and recruited her whole staff in the first year without spending any money on advertising. All part of her plan to get the culture right and attract the best people.

We also hear from Lucy Rose, co-founder of Flexible Teacher Talent, about the barriers to making your school working patterns more flexible for your staff and how to overcome them.

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In this week's, Sue Plant shares the book that's influenced her career the most, the services she couldn't do without as a headteacher and the recruitment pack she used to attract her talent team. Lucy shares the evidence that underpins Flexible Teacher Talent's mission, her recommended read and the treasure trove of advice they give to schools looking to make their schools more #flexappeal

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