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We Are In Beta Podcast

Jun 30, 2019

In this episode, Linda Emmett, Headteacher, All Saints Catholic College Chesire, shares her thoughts on:

  • Why her job in IT inspired her to teach
  • What she thinks is the most important thing when growing students as individuals 
  • The programme that inspired her to take on headship
  • The organisations she’s worked with that have helped transform All Saints
  • The language her team uses to encourage staff to speak up about their challenges
  • Why she thinks Ofsted has a positive role to play and why schools need to be careful when they are considering how to fulfill their requirements
  • How she is improving teacher retention
  • How she chose the external organisations that supported All Saints’ journey
  • How she evaluates their success
  • How she secured £60,000 of funding to invest in her staff
  • The two questions she would ask every headteacher in the country if she could
  • The single most impactful thing she and her team have done at All Saints
  • The biggest mistake she has made as a headteacher
  • How she ensures staff morale is at its highest at the time of year it’s typically at its lowest
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