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We Are In Beta Podcast

Dec 8, 2019

These days things are going well for Claire Cuthbert. She always knew she wanted to be a teacher. When she became one, she progressed quickly.

The time soon came for her to apply for headship - one at a start up school in a mining community. Both the interviewers and applicants for the position were all, as Claire describes “middle aged white males in grey suits”, and to be honest that’s not really surprising. But what happened next was.

Claire progressed to the second round and when it came down to the last two, the ‘manel’ told her that, while she was a great candidate “we believe the local mining community would more aligned to a male figurehead than a female one”.

Now Claire is the CEO of The Evolve Trust. This experience informed how she does recruitment in her schools in the trust.

We also learn, with the help of a couple of her colleagues, how she gives her team the space to look beyond their trust and even beyond education to design processes to get the culture right.

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This week Claire shares her favourite research and book and Evolve Trust's recruitment policy, their culture deck and reading list.

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